Feature: Salazar's Barber Shop

Salazar's Barber Shop has opened in Columbia and joins other great barber shops in the area. We like to see small businesses in our neighborhood and  supporting them.

I caught up with Christopher Salazar, owner of the shop and asked some questions down below.

    Congrats on opening up here in Columbia! You also have another barber shop closer to Nashville. What made you want to open one down here?
    Yea man, Forty Ten Barber Studio has been open for 5 years now. Crazy.  So, my wife Shelby and I moved down to Spring Hill back in 2021 from Nashville. I grew up in Shady Grove/Duck River TN, not far from Columbia. There was nothing out there.
    So Columbia is where we came for anything and everything we needed. It had been a long while since I've been in and around Columbia. I was shocked to see the growth and the amount of new small businesses that have popped up! I started thinking that a barber shop like ours in Nashville would do very well down here especially with the rapid growth going on. 



    How's business been?


    Business has been good, man! It has been getting busier week by week. My main focus has been on trying to get my two apprentices Steven, and Colan trained up to work on their own. I like to really pride myself and my shops on giving a really good quality service. Unlike a ton of other shops that are quantity over quality, which is why I oversee every haircut the apprentices do.



    Backing it up a bit further now, what got you interested in this industry?


    I first got introduced to cutting hair back in high school. My high school had a cosmetology course. I started that when I was in 10th grade and did it all the way until I graduated. I realized I didn't want to do long women's hair really, and did not like the salon vibe. So I did not pursue a career in cosmetology. I kept cutting all my friends and family's hair though. I later realized I wanted to be a barber and loved everything about the barbershop, and enrolled in barber school. I finished and never looked back!




    What's your favorite cut to give?


    That's hard to answer. haha. I love all the classics of course. They don't go out of style for a reason. They look good! Ultimately, I like doing haircuts that make the client look good and complements their lifestyle.


    Where do you draw your inspiration from?


    When it comes to haircutting, I look up to all the guys who are affiliated with Uppercut Deluxe in some way. Uppercut is such a great and solid company, and everyone they choose to bring on to represent them is top notch!

    When it comes to the barbershops, I draw a lot of inspo from a lot of places. My personality is very OCD and minimalist. You can really see that come out in Salazar's Barbershop. But I also have a love for the traditional old school shops. So, you will see some of that come through in the chairs and our uniforms.



    What's something you're looking forward to?


    Man, I am really just looking forward to the future that my wife and I are building with our businesses. Sounds a little cheesy but it's the truth. I wouldn't be here without her.